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Top 10 Tools to Gear Your Hired Virtual Professional

Is your team ready for the everyday grind? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog, we will Top 10 Software virtual professionals can use to help them be more effective.

Here at Addison Consultancy, we ensure that our virtual professionals are equipped with the right tools for everyday tasks before they get on-boarded with their clients. For readers who don't know what the company is about, Addison Consultancy has been helping small to medium business scale through virtual professionals (a.k.a. Virtual Assistants).

Virtual Professionals, also known as virtual professionals, have become an integral part of our daily lives, making tasks more accessible and convenient. From scheduling appointments to managing emails, virtual professionals can help us stay organized and more productive. For several years now, we have witnessed a drastic improvement in our technology. The tech industry sits at a 5-6% growth pattern year over year. A lot of people are amazed by what these applications can do, from automation tools to AIs the possibilities are endless. They are so impressed by it that some are even tapping into the idea of paying for an AI versus hiring Human Professionals to perform tasks humans are doing.

As we move into 2023, the virtual professional market continues to grow, with several options available for users.

Grammarly is a tool designed to help people with their written communication. It's an AI-powered writing assistant that can detect grammar, punctuation, spelling, and even clarity errors. With Grammarly, you can ensure that emails, messages, and documents are error-free. Or at least, accurate enough to make themselves understood.

Asana is a project management tool that can help organize tasks and stay on top of their to-do list. Your virtual professionals can create boards for each project, assign tasks to team members, and set deadlines. For someone who wants to have monitored and seamless project assignments, this is the perfect one for you. There are also other alternatives that you can explore such as and Trello.

If you need help automating repetitive tasks, Zapier could just be the solution for you. Your team can connect different apps and services to create workflows that automatically perform tasks.

If you need help with social media management, this one is for you. Hootsuite is a tool that can help social media managers schedule posts, monitor mentions and comments, and analyze the performance of each and every post or engagement and social media campaign. They have a variety of plans to choose from so you can just pick one according to your preferences and needs.

We know the hassle of having to change your passwords every few months, that is why we try to have the same password for all platforms just like the 66% of the internet's population. And as much as we want to keep the same one, we have security measures to take to make sure we don't have any unusual activities lurking in our bank accounts. Since 83% of the time people do not know whether their information has been compromised, LastPass made a password management tool that can help virtual professionals securely store and manage their passwords. Think of it as a bank for your passwords.

Do you require a tool that allows you to host a meeting? Zoom has been the leading software in video conferencing. This can help your team communicate with their clients and team members. With Zoom, you can schedule and host video calls, share their screens, conduct whiteboard sessions, and record meetings.

Hubspot is a customer relationship management tool that can help virtual professionals manage their clients' contacts, leads, and deals. Tracking their client's interactions, scheduling follow-ups, and analyzing their sales performance has never been easier with Hubspot.

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that can help virtual professionals analyze their clients' website traffic and performance. With Google Analytics, they can monitor website visitors, measure conversations, and identify areas for improvement.

Most people in the marketing industry very well know Canva as the go-to software for ready-made templates. It is a graphic design tool that can help virtual professionals create visually appealing designs for their client's marketing campaigns. Canva is widely used as a tool for a quick fix for social media graphics, flyers, posters, and other designs that do not require any design experience.

In conclusion, these tools can help virtual professionals streamline their workflow, improve their productivity, and enhance their communication with clients and team members. By leveraging the capabilities of these tools, virtual professionals can take their services to the next level and deliver outstanding results for their projects. That is why Addison Consultancy has made sure that no matter what type of project is thrown at us (digital marketing, recruitment, staffing, customer service, or web design, we always deliver with flying colors! Want to know more? Click on this link to schedule a call.

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