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Reduce Your Staff Turnover By Hiring Virtual Assistants

by: Carl Pe

Companies hire virtual assistants(VAs) to provide services that are time-consuming yet essential to business operations. VAs are hired to manage tasks like accounting and payroll, conduct research, provide customer support, update and enhance social media presence, and create content. Nowadays, many businesses choose virtual assistants for in-house personnel.

Lowering Personnel Turnover

The number of employees that leave a company replaced by new hires is referred to as employee turnover. Having a high turnover rate is considered problematic and if it's not controlled, this could have a huge negative impact on your business as a whole. Hiring virtual employees can possibly be the answer to this problem. Let us take a look at how hiring VAs can reduce employee turnover.

The work setting for virtual assistants is balanced and pleasant.

Permanent employees are provided with a work environment that enables them to use their time productively and efficiently when virtual assistants are hired alongside them. As they are freed up from repetitive tasks that take up so much time and sap their energy, they can focus more on their professional work.

By outsourcing other duties to virtual assistants, office workers will be able to advance their careers while also achieving organizational objectives. This can greatly reduce work-related stress and lower employee attrition.

Work-life balance is simple to achieve.

It can be difficult to manage different workflows, especially in expanding businesses. Employees and those in managerial roles must put more of their attention into expanding the business.

However, if they do not have a choice but to focus on monotonous, time-consuming jobs, this can exhaust them, which will have an impact on their overall performance. And if their workload increases and they are forced to put in extra hours to meet deadlines, this may result in stress and have an adverse effect on morale, which may lead them to think about quitting or transferring to another, less-stressful work.

A seamless workflow can be made possible by hiring a virtual assistant who is capable of performing the required activities. This boosts employees' capacity to meet objectives. Performance pressure on employees is minimized when goals are met. Since both the employer and the employee are happy, resignation might just be reduced.

Reduce hiring and onboarding expenses

In addition to operating expenditures, owning a firm also entails hiring and onboarding costs. To find talent, employers frequently turn to their own human resources department or recruiting firms, and these processes take time. Although the candidate may be qualified, it's possible that they haven't received the kind of training you need for the job.

You will benefit greatly from hiring a VA through outsourcing partners like Addison Consultancy. Your outsourcing partner can not only match you with the ideal VA and provide training materials and personnel management services, but they can also help you save money on wage expenditures.

Most VAs are content and satisfied with their careers.

Any entrepreneur would claim that they value stability and long-term relationships. Since the majority of virtual assistants are apparently content and happy in their professions, it is less likely that you will encounter job-hoppers which makes them more reliable. It might be due to the fact that VAs are granted flexibility and control of their time. Longer tenure is the thing for virtual assistants, and 8 out of 10 of them express happiness and contentment in their work.


The environment of work and the bounds of business have been completely reshaped by the widespread use of virtual assistants. Technology is the happy offender. With the help of cutting-edge solutions like video conferencing, group communication, and cloud-based storage, workers may now communicate with each other remotely, fast and easily.

The finest virtual assistants are aware of their responsibilities and have jobs that are clearly defined for them. Some contend that using a virtual assistant poses threats to the company culture, but it all depends on the demands of your firm. The virtual assistants you hire from Addison Consultancy are working professionals who have been assimilated into the company culture.

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