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Celebrating Mother's Day- What Type of Mom Are You?

Ah, Mothers Day— that special day of the year when we all take a moment to celebrate the woman who gave us life, love and endless amounts the woman who gave us life, love and endless amounts of guidance. Moms come in all shapes, sizes, and styles - and we're here to appreciate them all! The question is what type of mom are you? Let's take a look at the different kinds and try to gauge where you fall into.

The Trophy Mom

Let's start with the mom who seems to have it all together. You know the one - high heels, perfect make-up, and always dressed to the nines. She's the envy of the playground, and you can't help but wonder how she manages to keep her clothes so spotless while wrangling kids.

The Crocs Mom

Next up, a mom in her pajamas and Crocs. She's all about comfort and doesn't care if her clothes don't match. She's the one you go to when you need a pick-me-up or a sympathetic ear. They are easily found in cafes and parks.

The Corporate Warrior

A mom who is never without her phone. She's always taking calls, sending texts, or scrolling through social media. But don't be fooled - she's still paying attention to her kids, even if she's multitasking.

The Photographer

A photo-taking Mom who always captures the perfect moments with her camera. She's the one who makes sure you have plenty of pictures to remember special occasions. Her social media is filled with pictures of her kids. She’s geared with unlimited cloud storage for backup.

The Drone

A Mom who is always nearby ensures her kids are safe and sound. She's a master at multitasking and can keep an eye on everything at once. You might think she has ninja skills because she can go into stealth mode in seconds regarding her kids’ safety.

The Arcadian

A mom who never seems to age. She's always up for an adventure and doesn't take herself too seriously. She's the mom you can count on for a good time. She will accompany you anywhere, and even volunteer to call your friends' parents.

The Activist

A mom is the one who likes to do things her own way. She's independent and doesn't need anyone else's approval. She's the one who's not afraid to take risks and follow her own path.

As we honor mothers all around the world, it's essential to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to motherhood. Some mothers choose to stay at home to care for their children and household, while others juggle the demands of a successful career alongside the joys of motherhood. Regardless of their circumstances, mothers everywhere are superheroes in their own right.

At Addison Consultancy, we want to recognize and celebrate all the dedicated women out there who balance their professional and personal lives with grace and determination. Thank you for all that you do - we are grateful for every day.

Happy Mother's Day! You are awesome!

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