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A Smarter Business Strategy for 2023: Artificial Intelligence vs. Virtual Professionals

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please! We have an excellent match coming our way today! On the left corner of the ring, we have a machine that is created with a need for speed, introducing--- Artificial Intelligence!

On the right side of the ring, we have our defending champion, with a heart! Please welcome, Virtual Professionals! In this match, we will see who is the best support for your success! Are you ready?

As business owners, it is only common for you to find ways to be more efficient while you save on costs. But what is efficiency for you? And are you really saving if you opt for an AI or Virtual Professional? Let us try to differentiate these two.

What is Artificial Intelligence? According to TechTarget, AI or Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a machine to display human-like capabilities such as reasoning, learning, planning, and creativity. While a virtual professional, also known as a virtual assistant, is a remote employee hired to help a business with certain tasks or projects like social media marketing, graphic design, payroll, recruitment, and many more. If you notice, these are two different things. So what do these two have to fight about? It's more of a question of "Which is ideal for your business?".

Heart vs Machine

AI relies on information based on inputs either manually or automatically download information via the web. AIs can get things off your list in a matter of seconds. A real-life person may take a few minutes to solve your problem but can help you in the areas of reasoning, and emotional intelligence.


With the incredible piece of technology nowadays, it is highly likely that AI can give you fast solutions as you need them. But what happens when a new trend? AI will be able to adapt once its administrators update their software or based on the inputs of its user and cannot even differentiate facts from fiction. On the other hand, human professionals can give you a report on the latest trends to help you keep your business competitive.

Reliability and Efficiency

There is no denying that AI can generate an entire paragraph in a split second and can give you shortcuts to various outputs that you might need on a daily basis. But we have to admit that the output presented to you by AIs can also have some generic facts and outdated information. While a virtual professional's output can take a while but it is more likely that their output is more updated, has emotions, and is accurate. Although there are inevitable human errors, their work can still be double or even triple-checked.

Time to Work Smarter

As the saying goes, "Work smarter, not harder". This concept alone can give you an idea of what the best strategy for your business could be. Does the idea of a virtual professional sound great but you're not sure you're ready? An Addison Virtual Assistant can transform your day by saving you time and having someone there to help you achieve your short and long-term goals. Addison Consultancy is a virtual professional agency that offers a wide range of services working with the latest technology to make working on projects easier.

Conclusion Having a human being who knows and understands you and your goals can make strategic moves to help you do more than just schedule a dinner reservation or send a client gift. Thankfully, it's not an either/or proposition. In fact, AI and VAs can work splendidly together. You can use your AI device to make lists, set reminders, and communicate, with your virtual assistant. This can be used to streamline processes for you and your virtual assistant in order to continue to effectively knock out everything on your to-do list. It's a powerhouse "work smarter, not harder" combination.

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