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At Addison Consultancy, our team is made up of experienced and skilled professionals who are dedicated to connecting businesses with the best affordable and reliable virtual assistants.


The People Behind The Wheels



From Humble Beginnings to Success


Established in 2020, Addison Consultancy was built to be different, better, kinder, sharper! We decided to design an entire operation that really does things right and puts people first at every step of the way.


Clients and Virtual Assistants truly are equal for us, we do not favour clients over our VAs nor vice versa. We put people at the forefront of our decision-making. Fairness is key, supported by our clear guidelines. This means we have respect from our Filipino community, and we are able to attract some of the best talents in the industry, backed by unparalleled retention rates and top-rated feedback from every client and VA.


It's simple, if we find the best possible outsourced staff in the industry, help our clients and their hired VAs to succeed then it’s a pure win-win. We have long-term relationships, more new hires from our successfully scaling clients and everyone works in a place they love.

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