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Hiring Process

Qualified and Professional Virtual Assistants


Stage 1

Job launch

We will take all job requirements and launch them across local recruitment platforms.

The recruitment process takes around 1-3 weeks, or we have some fractional of our team members available to support clients immediately.

Stage 2

Recruitment process

•  CV screening of 100-200 applicants.

•  Professional personality assessments.
•  1-way interview recording.

•  Live situation based testing interview

Stage 3

Top 5 candidates

You have the final say, we’ll present the very best talent and you choose who to interview. We’ll include all tests, interviews, and assessments that we completed.

stage 3.png

Stage 4

Choose who to hire

You select who you love, who is the match for you, it’s your choice. If you don’t feel the right match then we will without hesitation and at no cost re-recruit again for you. So we make it our job to find the best talent, first time.

Stage 5

Assisted onboarding
and traini

We’ll assist with every part of the process, inclusive. Helping to set up tasks and workflows, onboarding, and training for clients and VAs for a seamless start!

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stage 4.png
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