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Do you ONLY need an extra hand every Tuesday for 4 hours? That’s not a problem! Our fractional professionals are essentially part-time hires, your own member of staff only for the hours that you want and need. These can be anything from Personal Assistants, recruiters, graphic artists, social media managers, content and blog writers, and many more.

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Our Virtual Professionals equate to a 70% cost reduction versus a US employee.
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Billed by the hour

Fractional professionals receive full pay and benefits from us but are only available to clients as a part-time resource, further lowering costs. Have reliable staff without the hassle to training a new person over and over.

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Get more done

Hiring fractional professionals can save you valuable time because they're efficient experts who can complete projects quickly. They bring specialized skills to the table that you might not have had access to before, making your business more productive with less stress.

  • Personal/Executive Assistants

  • Blogs and Content Writer 

  • Web and Graphic Design

  • Social Media Manager 

  • Marketing Manager

  • Finance Experts

  • HR Recruiters 

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What is a Fractional Professional?

Our team of in-house experts includes professionals in various fields such as Marketing, Social Media, Finance & Accounting, Multimedia, Writing, and more. They collaborate closely with you to understand your unique needs and requirements. Based on this understanding, we create tailored solutions that align with your specific goals and objectives.


Versatile options

Indulge yourself in the flexibility in hiring. They can be hired for specific projects or tasks without the need for a long-term commitment. This is useful for startups or small businesses that need to be agile and responsive. Businesses also save on costs by not having to provide benefits or pay when you do not need them.

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Expandable Solutions

Meet the needs of your business as it grows or changes. They can provide a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to scale up quickly. Conversely, businesses can easily scale back their use of fractional professionals if business needs change.


Take the next step to hire your top-notch Fractional Professional.

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