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About our Virtual Assistants

Also known as VAs


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (or VA) is a remote professional working online, typically from home.

Our service

We source top career-driven professionals from the Philippines who speak native-style English and have 4+ years of direct experience. 

VAs sourced and hired directly to fit our clients, working as a virtual staff member. Part or full-time.

All are degree holders and who are experienced working for companies based in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Complete recruitment

Fully Managed HR

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Affordable, skilled VAs

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Manpower at 70% less cost, want to scale?


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Part-time or full-time

Personal Assistant

Emails, scheduling, admin, calls, bookings, research, general support.

Email | Call

Call centre agents, all-round company support, dedicated reception.

Content Writers and Bloggers

Website content researched and written, articles, blogs, media.

Customer Support

Phone and email agents to professionally handle comms.

LinkedIn | Lead Generation

Research, connect and connect with prospective customers for growth.

Recruitment Assistant

CV processing, reformatting, response handling, admin, scheduling.

Marketing | Social Media

Build and maintain a positive social media and marketing exposure.

Something else?

We're just getting started! So, just ask the question!

A fully inclusive service.
Sourcing, hiring, payroll, co-management.

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A Philippines Virtual Assistants Agency that's way more personal

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Annual team vacation in the Philippines


Because We Love (Y)our Team

Loyal, supported, well paid Filipinos

13th-month bonus (double pay December)

Private healthcare and other leading benefits

Our starting pay is at least 5x minimum wage

Virtual Assistants literally love working with us and therefore, with our clients.

Hire an experienced Virtual Assistant from the Philippines through us

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Our Client Guarantee

70% Salary Saving

On average our VAs are 70% less than the cost of Western staff salaries.

Software Ready

We include intuitive remote work software and inclusive training.

Ethical Staffing

A desirable career to our VAs. Great pay, benefits, a moral, kind community.


Our Virtual Assistant agency is full service, pre and post-hire inclusive.

30 Day Probation

Hire a Virtual Assistant and enjoy a 30 day probationary each.


Legally binding contracts for all Filipinos, alongside work monitoring.

What People Say


Addison Consultancy has helped my find a great VA for lead sourcing and outreach via LinkedIn. It allows me to focus on the parts of the business that I’m best at. Everything from the recruitment process to helping me manage the VA right now has been absolutely great. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

- Marc


KREW Community

David B.jpeg

Craig has achieved the impossible, he created an incredibly intricate structure to power a beast of a business. 30 Virtual Assistants, across 5 departments, running 90% of an E-commerce business, self sustaining, self-managed. He is truly an expert in his field.

- David



Led by Craig Addison, Founder

Craig - Milu.JPG

About Craig

From the UK and formerly living in Cebu, Philippines, Craig is an expert in Virtual Assistant Outsourcing. In 2016 he built a $4 million eCommerce business, run almost entirely by 30 full-time Filipino VAs, now he brings those skills to Addison Consultancy to share with clients.

Experienced Business Consultant

Supporting US, Australian Canadian and EU companies. Craig's specialism focussed largely on process management, growth and remote work Consultancy. Craig's placed literally hundreds of VAs into client companies successfully. 

Recruitment Specialist

Clients included Credit Suisse and CitiGroup. Craig brings professional high-level recruitment experience, placing staff into two of the world's leading investment banks.

Want to professionally hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines, at a start-up small business budget, you've come to the right place.

Detailed Service Breakdown

Service Offering

Inclusive  •  Complete Hiring Process

Our Recruitment Process A custom and tailored recruitment process, sourcing a Virtual Assistant to meet your needs. Each position attracts around 100-150 applicants, Our recruitment process typically comprises of 7 filtering stages and takes 3-4 weeks as we focus on best talent hired directly for clients. We are recruiting against skill and experience, as much as we are looking for the right personality match and fit. Stage 1: Sourcing candidates We write up a professional job description and recruit for each position individually, direct to our client's needs. We list across the major job board platforms used by Filipinos, we pay to upgrade our ads and for more complex positions we actively headhunt to find the strongest applicants. Inclusive. We process these entirely until your final shortlist. When posting onto job boards or headhunting candidates, we're actively encouraging large volumes of applicants, a much bigger talent pool means a better match. Stage 2: Initial CV Screening This process varies entirely depending on the position, it's tailored to each hire need. For example, some positions may require a qualification (finance positions for instance). Comparatively a customer support representative, typically do